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Engineering Resource Group Celebrates
Great Engineers in New Jersey History

Although our nickname is the Garden State, we are also the Invention State. More engineering inventions that changed the world took place – and are still taking place – here in New Jersey than in any other state. The telegraph, electrical power generation, light bulb, phonograph, air conditioning, television, transistor, laser, CCD – this is just a partial list of the inventions developed here. Thomas Edison’s factories, RCA Labs, and Bell Labs are just a few of the great engineering companies and research labs that hail from New Jersey. In fact, we value our inventors so greatly that we are the only state with our own “Inventors Hall of Fame.” Please visit their website at

Here are just 12 of the greatest New Jersey inventors:

Boyle Smith
Thompson and Ritchie
Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley
Nikola Tesla
Samuel Morse and Alfred Vail
Willis Carrier
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